Four tools to measure surface hardness

There are various tools available to measure surface firmness, or surface hardness, of turfgrass. For golf course putting greens, I’ve used four different tools, and my preferred method is the golf course firmness tester from SDI.

No magic bullets in plant nutrition

Jim Riopelle wrote an excellent article in the January/February issue of Turf & Rec magazine. You’ll want to read the full article. Here are a few quotes: I’ve experienced the good times in our industry but more recently have seen a beleaguered industry, as our core players age, younger people don’t play, and revenues struggle to keep up with expenses …

New technologies, ethics, and money

Dr. Carrow gets right to the point in the very first sentence of his classic article about new technologies and ethical purchasing, writing that “staying on the cutting edge … requires integrating new products and technologies.

Asking the right questions

Here’s another interesting article I came across recently. Dr. Carrow wrote an article in the October 1993 issue of GCM with the title Eight questions to ask: evaluating soil and turf conditioners.

Quacks and Suckers

A couple weeks ago I was preparing for a seminar in which I discussed Charles Vancouver Piper and the early days of turfgrass science in the United States. I recalled—or quite possibly I misremembered, as I haven’t been able to find it yet—having read some years ago something by Piper about nostrums.

Highlights from three seminars in Copenhagen

I was at Copenhagen Golf Club on Monday for seminars with the Danish Greenkeepers Association. See some photos of the day here. One of my presentations was about green speed—I called it Stimp Stats.

An important Conference takes place between Mr. Gulotti and Andrew McDaniel

Or at least they had a captivating discussion on The Talking Greenkeeper show. They talked about a lot of things: name dropping manga taking shoes off, or not doing things or applying products for a reason what it was like to work for Micah Woods what it’s like to now be assistant GM in addition to head greenkeeper baseball greenkeeping in Japan much more I hope you enjoy this episode of The Talking Greenkeeper as much as I did.

Kurofune keeper

You may recall that I went shopping for golf magazines at 4 a.m. on August 23. What was that about? There was a feature article in that week’s new issue of Weekly Golf Digest about Andrew McDaniel.

Guest on the Talking Greenkeeper show

Joe Gulotti had me as a guest on his The Talking Greenkeeper show this week. We talked about elephant footprints, the MLSN soil nutrient guidelines, measuring clipping volume, my book A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping, the temperature-based turfgrass growth potential, this year’s challenging weather, whether one needs to core and topdress putting green turf, where a #TurfFights episode might be staged, and much more.

"Nothing to do with whether or not it works"

Danny Vandecoevering wrote with this interesting email. I thought it was worth sharing here: A couple weeks ago I asked you a question on twitter [his question was in response to this post] regarding what variation in day to day clipping volume would be considered statistically relevant.