Sustainable Turfgrass Management in Asia 2024

4 to 6 March 2024


You can download the slides here.

Slides from Micah Woods

Slides from Dr. Devon Carroll, Dr. Michael Bekken, and Bruce Williams, CGCS

This is the link to the mobile weed manual mentioned by Dr. Carroll. A list of her publications is available here, where you can find the article about fraise mowing and weed control through that method.

Notes on minimizing disease

See normal levels of leaf nutrients in bermudagrass, seashore paspalum, and zoysiagrass putting green clippings in the “strategies to minimize disease with reduced fungicide use slides.”

For more about estimating nutrient harvest by measuring clippings, see Turfgrass growth ratio, nitrogen harvest, and fertilizer adjustment.

For more about clipping measurement, see the clipvol project page or the One Bucket at a Time book.

Notes on water use

Article on mapping fairway soil moisture for improved irrigation decisions at your golf course by Straw and MacKenzie.

Get the protocol for golf course soil moisture mapping.

Sifers and Beard (1997) on bermudagrass vs. zoysiagrass irrigation requirement.

Gouveia et al. on warm-season turfgrass species quality under drought.

Serena et al. on a 15 to 30% reduction in water use by using trinexapac-ethyl and soil surfactants—without reducing color or quality of bermudagrass.

PACE Turf’s water budget spreadsheet is “an easy to use water budget spreadsheet that will estimate how much irrigation water [was expected to be used] at your location. By calculating water budgets for previous years, you can get an idea of whether you are over using irrigation water, or whether you are staying within generally acceptable guidelines.”

The image below shows the factors you need to provide. The spreadsheet then calculates the estimated irrigation use.

Notes on the water droplet penetration test

PACE Turf’s water droplet test video explains the test and demonstrates exactly how to do it.

My discussion with Bill Kreuser about wetting agent re-application intervals by growing degree days.

Notes on tropical grasses

There’s a fascinating article by Jack Murray and Milt Engelke from the USGA Green Section Record in 1983: Exploration for zoysiagrass in eastern Asia. Many of the new varieties of Zoysia now coming from the USA are selections from, or the result of breeding from, this collection of material.

More information and resources

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Find turfgrass reference information, site-specific weather and climate appraisals, and weekly updates at the PACE Turf information center.

For more about ATC’s soil testing services, and example reports, see our soil tests page.

See more about OM246 testing, including sampling instructions and a sample report, at the OM246 project page.

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