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The top 10 posts of 2020

These posts had the most views in 2020. Here they are, on all kinds of topics. [1] February, Soil organic matter: a bullet list, summarizing key points related to its measurement and its management at the soil surface.

The top 10 posts of 2019

These posts had the most views in 2019. Here they are, counting down from ten to one. [10] January, Ranking Turf Twitter in 2018 took a look at “influential” accounts in the industry.

The ATC Turfgrass Library

The 2006 to 2016 era ATC website always had a library or turf info page where I made a number of articles and reference documents available for download. With this current website, I didn’t have something quite like that, so today I made one.

The top 10 posts of 2018

These posts had the most views in 2018. Here they are, counting down from ten to one. [10] November, Kurofune keeper about the feature article on Andrew McDaniel in Weekly Golf Digest.

What's the best way to keep up with all you're doing?

Someone asked me that when we were working at a golf tournament last month. The best way depends on just how much info you want, or how often you want to hear from me/ATC.

"After a pimento cheese sandwich and a Masters club ..."

I enjoyed the article about growing degree days in the Australian Turfgrass Management Journal. Dan Cook wrote about our discussions of this and how it has been implemented at Elanora Country Club.

Turf conditions, efficiency, and the 'Grammar of Greenkeeping'

Topdressing. Mowing. Irrigation. Fertilizing. Fungicides. All these maintenance practices should produce good turf, right? They usually do. But have you ever seen a situation where the most intensively maintained turf on a property ends up with substandard conditions?

If you are reading this by email ...

then you already know that I’ve fixed the blog’s e-mail updates to show the full content. When I updated the website last July, I couldn’t figure out how to get the full post text to show in the RSS feed – that feed is what the e-mail updates are based on.

The top 10 posts of 2017

These posts from 2017 had the most pageviews this year. Here they are, counting down from ten to one. [10] June, How much N is in rain and snow? One hears all kinds of numbers.