The top 10 posts of 2023

These posts had the most views in 2023. They are on a nice balance of topics: three about growth rate and N, four about soil OM and surface hardness and topdressing, one about soil pH, and one about soil water content and evapotranspiration.

Here they are.

[1] May, Reflections on growth rate, nitrogen, and topdressing about how and why my thoughts have changed on these topics.

[2] April, The growth ratio equation writes out the simple formula for evaluating actual growth compared with expected growth.

[3] February, This is a soil pH chart that I do like explains the one I don’t like and shares one that I do.

[4] October, How much organic matter is too much? This answers a question that I don’t like to answer, and I provide both an answer and a suggestion of how to think about this.

[5] January, An analysis of turfgrass industry Twitter accounts in 2022 did this analysis for the final time. Changes in the API no longer allow me to do this analysis. It was fun while it lasted.

[6] January, Is two tenths of a pound of nitrogen a lot, or a little? In terms of how much growth can be produced from that much N, it’s a lot.

[7] May, Managing firmness (surface hardness) of turfgrass surfaces shares three items that go into detail about this topic.

[8] July, Hourly evapotranspiration, soil water content, and crop coefficients, in which I check the soil water content (VWC) and whether it changed as expected based on hourly ET.

[9] June, Coring three times a year is recommended when … when what I would consider a lot of N is applied.

[10] July, Sand topdressing measurement by exact methods shows how to check and confirm exactly how much sand is being applied.

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