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Ten posts no one read in 2020

I’m never quite sure what topics people will read. Sometimes topics that I think people will read end up with few pageviews. That’s often because the topic is not very interesting.

A "new" column, starting with creeping bentgrass heat stress

There’s a new column on the Nichino Ryokka website. It’s a collaboration between ATC and Nichino Ryokka, with some selected content from the ATC site published in Japanese. The first column is here, and the topic is a 12 point checklist for dealing with creeping bentgrass heat stress (the original list is here).

A new article about MLSN fertilization on golf courses

There is a new article about MLSN by Trygve Aamlid and Karin Juul Hessels√łe, available in three languages (including English) on the STERF website. I think this article is excellent.

No magic bullets in plant nutrition

Jim Riopelle wrote an excellent article in the January/February issue of Turf & Rec magazine. You’ll want to read the full article. Here are a few quotes: I’ve experienced the good times in our industry but more recently have seen a beleaguered industry, as our core players age, younger people don’t play, and revenues struggle to keep up with expenses …

None of the expensive fertilizer programs were superior to that of urea and iron

A few years ago Blake Meentemeyer and Brian Whitlark wrote about fertilizer in the Green Section Record. I’ve recommended this article before, in a post on the Viridescent blog. I highlighted in that post a case study from the article—a “facility in the Las Vegas area” reduced putting green fertilizer cost by a staggering 82%.

New technologies, ethics, and money

Dr. Carrow gets right to the point in the very first sentence of his classic article about new technologies and ethical purchasing, writing that “staying on the cutting edge … requires integrating new products and technologies.

Asking the right questions

Here’s another interesting article I came across recently. Dr. Carrow wrote an article in the October 1993 issue of GCM with the title Eight questions to ask: evaluating soil and turf conditioners.

Quacks and Suckers

A couple weeks ago I was preparing for a seminar in which I discussed Charles Vancouver Piper and the early days of turfgrass science in the United States. I recalled—or quite possibly I misremembered, as I haven’t been able to find it yet—having read some years ago something by Piper about nostrums.

Ten posts no one read in 2019

The median blog post on this site in 2019 got 244 views. And there were a few up around 1,000 to 2,000 views. There were these top 10 that everyone read.