Turf reads

Ten posts no one read in 2019

The median blog post on this site in 2019 got 244 views. And there were a few up around 1,000 to 2,000 views. There were these top 10 that everyone read.

Insight from Andrew Thomson's Presidents Cup Diary

Andrew Thomson is the author of Bridge to the Gods: Tales from Kyushu. That very book happens to be sitting beside my computer as I write this. I’m bringing it to read this weekend when I’ll be on a small island in the Andaman Sea.

Competition, stress, and disturbance

I completely forgot a few great articles when I put together this list of articles that are specifically not about turfgrass. One of those I forgot is Evidence for the existence of three primary strategies in plants and its relevance to ecological and evolutionary theory.

So many things to learn about in this world

Yesterday I saw that Erwan Le Cocq was interested in reading scientific articles and was welcoming recommendations. I remembered that I had put together this eclectic reference list to include in my Turfgrass Science and Greenkeeping book.

One bucket at a time

Regular readers of this blog will have seen various posts about grass growth rate and the routine measurement of clipping volume. I’ve taken many of those posts, some new material, and a couple reports, and put them together into a book.

Kurofune keeper

You may recall that I went shopping for golf magazines at 4 a.m. on August 23. What was that about? There was a feature article in that week’s new issue of Weekly Golf Digest about Andrew McDaniel.

What's the best way to keep up with all you're doing?

Someone asked me that when we were working at a golf tournament. The best way depends on just how much info you want, or how often you want to hear from me/ATC.

What causes disasters, expensive corrective measures, and deterioration of good golfing conditions?

I moved my books to a different room in my home office earlier this month. One of those books contains this strongly-worded sentence. These “disasters,” “expensive corrective measures,” and “deterioration of good golfing conditions” are completely avoidable.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist

Some years ago I shared some articles that I often referred to or recommended, and I called that Five articles every greenkeeper should read. As I look at this list of articles now, I’m reminded of the familiar maxim about understanding the rules before breaking them.

Par Golf's Impact manga, media, and golf course maintenance

There is a really interesting manga comic this year in the Japanese weekly パーゴルフ (Par Golf) magazine. Newest edition is on the shelves. This manga is definitely getting a bit interesting.