Ten posts no one read in 2021

I’ve shared the posts from 2021 that got the most views. Then there are these that got the fewest. I think these are more interesting than the top 10, actually. These cover a broader range of topics.

Part of the reason for few views may be a lack of interest in the topic. But it may also be the time of year or time of day when I published this, or perhaps it’s a poor title or an indifferent sharing image that didn’t draw much attention. When you see this list, you might find one you missed the first time around.

Here they are, counting down to the post with the fewest views in 2021.

[10] OM246 reports explained, in which I explain the four distinct things I show on an OM246 report.

[9] Zoysia, water use, and fact checking about which grass requires less water.

[8] Extending the beer analogy is a philosophical one about fertilizer applications and soil tests. The concept of ideal nutrient levels in the soil doesn’t make much sense when one thinks about it in terms of beer inventory. And by extension, to the amount of fertilizer needed.

[7] The ATC Office Hours and ATC Doublecut Debut introduced ATC’s two podcasts.

[6] Ball roll on zoysia greens didn’t get a lot of views on the blog, but the video got a lot on YouTube. This has historical quotes from Herbert Warren Wind, and videos of the peculiar roll (and crunching sound) of zoysiagrass putting greens.

[5] Tissue tests as postmortem types of analyses explains one of the more memorable quotes I read last year. That explains why tissue tests “do not quantitatively predict fertilizer needs.”

[4] An extraordinarily interesting golf tournament previews, introduces, and sets the scene for what would turn out to be the 13th most-viewed post of the year and the 3rd most-viewed video of the year.

[3] Manila American Cemetery shares a new video from the American Battle Monuments Commission about the largest of all American overseas cemeteries.

[2] A tour of the Global DLI App goes through the app to get some data while I point out a few features that you may not have seen before.

[1] Turfgrass videos with Japanese and Thai subtitles is the post with the fewest views of the year. But hey, the videos are in English and have English subtitles too. I think you’ll find these interesting, even if you don’t make use of the Thai or Japanese subtitles.

As I mentioned above, this turns out to be a more eclectic list on a wider range of topics than what one finds in the top 10 list. I talked about this concentration of views on particular topics at the end of this ATC Doublecut episode. I look at this list of the ten posts with the fewest views and I see essentially ten different topics.

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