Turfgrass videos with Japanese (日本語字幕あり) and Thai (ซับไตเติ้ลภาษาไทย) subtitles

Some things I show and explain about turfgrass are well-suited to video format. I’ve put together many videos over the years, and have started gathering them into one place at the ATC channel on YouTube.

For a few of my recent videos, I’ve added Japanese and Thai titles, video descriptions, and subtitles.1 The way this works is really cool.

If I’ve added the information in those languages, then when a phone set to Japanese language, or a phone set to Thai language, opens the video, the title and the description are automatically shown in that language, as are the subtitles.

Videos with Japanese and/or Thai subtitles so far include:

This is an ongoing project, and I expect to add more videos with foreign language subtitles in the future. If there are any ATC videos (check the current library here) that you’d like to translate to your language, please let me know. I’d love to see some of these in Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Hindi, Malay, Vietnamese—you get the idea!

  1. A big thanks to Valairat Phanrang, Orawee Anothai, and Yukio Ueno for helping me out with this project. ↩︎

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