Dandelions and potassium

A friend gave me a beautiful card yesterday and wrote “perhaps you can use this Taraxacum officinale [dandelion] in some capacity.” I certainly can. Contining with the topic of my last post—cases in which low nutrient levels are desirable—the mention of dandelions reminds me of another case in which I’d adjust fertilizer recommendations.

When this goes off the rails, it goes way off the rails

I really enjoyed listening to Frank Rossi and Jim Brosnan discuss weed control, Poa annua, herbicide resistance, and glyphosate in their recent discussion on TurfNet’s Frankly Speaking. I’d recommend listening to this to learn more about some important turfgrass management challenges and the research being done right now to find solutions.

The turfgrass twilight zone

When I was reading the 1952 report of the “Turf Committee” from that year’s annual meeting of the American Society of Agronomy, I was looking specifically for use of the word turf, or turf grass, or turfgrass.

Paspalum and manilagrass lawns

I noticed something interesting on the lawn of a resort at Ko Kood earlier this month. Looking down from the “Beware of falling coconuts” signs, I noticed that the southern section of lawn was primarily seashore paspalum, and that section of lawn was infested with a variety of weeds.