I’ve been doing some teaching, or demonstrating, how I use R software for data analysis in turf-related matters. See the full list of rturf posts. The initial project is about stimpmeter measurements and ClipVol.

Shiny Apps

Web applications for `R` that make calculations or show data.

Turf Twitter

Analyzing the tweets and the accounts of the turf industry on Twitter.

A turfgrass Shiny app collection

I’ve made a number of Shiny apps, and have collected them all on this new page. These are designed either to show a set of data, or more likely, to make some calculations with the inputs allowed to vary.

A global DLI app

I made a Global DLI app to generate summary charts of DLI for anywhere in the world. This app uses the nasapower R package to get satellite data from the NASA POWER Agroclimatology dataset.

An analysis of turfgrass industry Twitter accounts in 2020

I’ve repeated an analysis of tweets and accounts from another year in the turf industry. Last week I shared some overall results and category-specific rankings. I've repeated the #TurfTwitter analysis for 2020 and put the results in a searchable and sortable Shiny app.

Three #rturf projects: green speed & clipvol, zoysia response to fertilizer during grow-in, and report automation

You may have seen a few posts about #rturf on my personal site. I’m writing about that topic over there so I don’t clutter up the ATC site with too much data analysis and computer code.

Updated K calculator

I made a few small updates to the MLSN K calculator. This was the first Shiny app I made, back in 2014. You can see all of them—the Turf Twitter ones, the Hargreaves ET calculator, irrigation requirement demos, PACE Turf’s GP avatar generator, and more, at the ATC Shiny apps page.

Tokyo temperatures and growth potential, animated

I made a note a couple months ago to make animated charts showing the cool-season (C3) and warm-season (C4) turfgrass growth potential over a 100+ year period for Tokyo. I was interested to see what those charts would look like.

Northern Virginia sunlight in 2018 compared to previous years

Sean Heath wrote with this question: “do you or anyone else know of data being tracked for sunlight or cloud cover? Specifically how much sunlight did Northern VA receive this year with all the rain and cloud cover?