A turfgrass Shiny app collection

This app calculates the irrigation requirement in response to adjustments of rootzone depth, irrigation rules, field capacity, and distribution uniformity.

I’ve made a number of Shiny apps, and have collected them all on this new page.

These are designed either to show a set of data, or more likely, to make some calculations with the inputs allowed to vary. Generally, I’ve made these to do just one thing. I’ve wanted to know the recent DLI for a location, and especially to know the weekly and monthly averages. I made this app so I could do that for any location. I often wonder the approximate evapotranspiration (ET), and I made this ET calculator for that. You get the idea. Perhaps you’ll find some of these useful for numbers that you’d like to know.

Someone asked me recently about high S in the soil. I recalled that Turf SI app returns a comparison to the MLSN dataset. I checked that “high S” value with the app and replied that it was still quite a normal level of S in that sample.

You may not have a need for any of these, but I hope you’ll check the list out real quick so you will be aware that these are available. I’ve sometimes saved myself a lot of time by using one of these apps to find a DLI or an ET or a PPFD.

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