Minimum levels for sustainable nutrition—MLSN—is a modern method for interpreting soil tests for turfgrass.

N input accounting

Phil Collinson asked an interesting question: when calculating N inputs, do greenkeepers account for N added outside of fertilizer? Greenkeepers - when calculating N inputs for the year do you account for N outside of fert?

Fun on my front steps

On February 28, I took Wana—a fine-bladed putting green type manilagrass—rhizomes and cut to a two node length. Then I planted these cut rhizomes, each with two tiny plants on them, in the center of sand-filled pots.

This is why you replicate

On February 28, 2020, I cut some Wana manilagrass rhizomes to a two node length and planted those two node rhizomes in four sand-filled pots. After eight days, I applied the first fertilizer treatment.

Three #rturf projects: green speed & clipvol, zoysia response to fertilizer during grow-in, and report automation

You may have seen a few posts about #rturf on my personal site. I’m writing about that topic over there so I don’t clutter up the ATC site with too much data analysis and computer code.

A quick geographical estimate of MLSN reach

Three years ago I used the country field from the MLSN newsletter subscription list to do a rough geographical analysis of those using MLSN. I found it most understandable, given the information available, to express the reach of MLSN in terms of the number of golf facilities per subscriber in various countries.

Twice the growth at a different mowing height

Bill Kreuser shared a fascinating update from one of the experiments he is conducting this summer. I wouldn’t have expected to see such a big difference in growth rate with a mowing height difference of 0.

How MLSN works

The recording of my seminar about “How MLSN Works” is now available on YouTube. I want to correct something. At the very end, I misstated that irrigation water normally has 20 to 60 ppm (mg/L) potassium.

MLSN and salinity

When this question arrived, I thought I could respond by showing a blog post I’d written in the past with the answer. “What kind of adjustments would you recommend to do when trying to use the MLSN on a Calcareous sand green profile and irrigation with water saline water with 1500 ppm and Pure Dynasty Sea Shore Paspalum and pH 8?

Four more sources for MLSN information

In my recent “How MLSN Works” seminar—slides here—I mentioned some other ways to learn more about MLSN. The four items I recommended are: The Humbug movie which explains MLSN and includes discussions with turfgrass managers who have used it.