The ATC Office Hours and ATC Doublecut Debut

Two shows make their debut today. One is The ATC Doublecut with Micah Woods, in which I discuss topics from the blog. Giving those topics a doublecut, so to speak, by first writing about them and then discussing some of the background and related information for that topic.

Another talk with Joe Gulotti

Joe Gulotti, host of the acclaimed Talking Greenkeeper podcast, called me to talk about aeration. We talked about that, discussed the OM246 method for measuring the exact effect of cultivation and topdressing, and managed to discuss Thai food, Kawana, soil sample lab prep, and why Joe is sleeping in the studio.

What do Ninja tines, PoaCure, ClipVol, the Smith-Kerns disease model, ball roll, and MLSN have in common?

What’s the common theme? You’ll hear all these topics discussed in recent episodes of Frank Rossi’s Frankly Speaking show on TurfNet, or in his presentation for the ASTMA. My usual schedule is such that I don’t listen to podcasts on a regular basis.

When this goes off the rails, it goes way off the rails

I really enjoyed listening to Frank Rossi and Jim Brosnan discuss weed control, Poa annua, herbicide resistance, and glyphosate in their recent discussion on TurfNet’s Frankly Speaking. I’d recommend listening to this to learn more about some important turfgrass management challenges and the research being done right now to find solutions.

It's a zero-based program

This conversation keeps happening more and more, about which products are really required to produce the desired surfaces. There’s an interesting discussion on this topic between Frank Rossi and Chris Tritabaugh in this TurfNet Frankly Speaking episode.

The Cornell Turf Talk Podcast with Special Guest David Hicks

I worked for David Hicks when I was a graduate student at Cornell University, and I worked with him on some soil testing and tissue testing projects too. We didn’t give a thought to clipping volume back then.

An important Conference takes place between Mr. Gulotti and Andrew McDaniel

Or at least they had a captivating discussion on The Talking Greenkeeper show. They talked about a lot of things: name dropping manga taking shoes off, or not doing things or applying products for a reason what it was like to work for Micah Woods what it’s like to now be assistant GM in addition to head greenkeeper baseball greenkeeping in Japan much more I hope you enjoy this episode of The Talking Greenkeeper as much as I did.

Guest on the Talking Greenkeeper show

Joe Gulotti had me as a guest on his The Talking Greenkeeper show this week. We talked about elephant footprints, the MLSN soil nutrient guidelines, measuring clipping volume, my book A Short Grammar of Greenkeeping, the temperature-based turfgrass growth potential, this year’s challenging weather, whether one needs to core and topdress putting green turf, where a #TurfFights episode might be staged, and much more.

"Hell, I did that 30 years ago"

I enjoyed listening to my friends Dave Wilber and Kevin Ross in their TurfHead Jam Session this week. They’d put out some teasers that they would be discussing #ClipVol, so I made sure to listen as soon as the podcast came out, to see what these industry veterans had to say about that.

Both of these are worth your time

One is an article, another is a podcast, and you won’t regret the time spent reading the first and listening to the second. First, the 4 November 2016 issue of the Green Section Record contains Managing Organic Matter in Putting Greens by Adam Moeller and Todd Lowe.