Green condition information boards at Japanese golf courses

You won’t find these at every golf course in Japan, but it is common to see a green condition (グリーンコンディション) information board prominently displayed at the clubhouse. The Facebook page for Monthly Golf Management magazine (月刊ゴルフマネジメント) shared a beautiful photo gallery with representative examples of these green condition boards.

An extraordinarily interesting golf tournament

The KBC Augusta tournament (#KBCオーガスタ) is coming up, and as in past years, I find it extraordinarily interesting. There aren’t many tournaments like this one, from a grass and playing surface perspective.

The art of Japanese golf course turf maintenance

There’s a short video about greenkeeper Mamoru Shoji and course maintenance at Kasumigaseki CC on YouTube. I especially like the view from the drone just after the 3 minute mark, showing the greens nestled among the carefully trimmed pine trees.

Getting around the golf course in a kei truck

I’ve written about getting around the golf course on a sulky, but an even more common method of transport is the kei truck. It’s convenient to use kei trucks. A kei truck easily transports two people and two walking mowers, plus clipping volume buckets and other accessories, like the ramps that are used to roll the mowers into the bed of the truck.

Flights and favorite turf photos of 2020

This is usually where I show a map with all my flights, mention that they took me some hundred thousands of kilometers, and then share some of my favorite turf photos from all the places I went.

Radish seedlings on a bentgrass nursery after fumigation

Last November I saw a creeping bentgrass nursery in Japan. The nursery had been fumigated to kill seeds in the soil before the bentgrass seeds were planted. I was surprised to see, scattered across the nursery, plants with big leaves that clearly were not creeping bentgrass.

Winter grass color, zoysia, and soil

I was in Fukuoka last weekend and enjoyed the mid-winter weather and the seasonal colors of the turf. This is what golf courses in Japan look like in the winter.

Flights and favorite turf photos of 2019

At the end of every year, I like to look at my flight map and at some of my favorite turf photos. In 2019 I was on 56 flights over 161,473 km (100,335 miles).

Putting green speed, surface hardness, and clipping volume

Last week I had a couple conversations about green speed. Green speed and surface hardness My column in the June 2018 issue of Golf Course Seminar magazine discusses the relationship between effective mowing height and green speed.

Cleaning cores the easy way

On a recent trip to Japan, I’d wanted to get a new video of a core sweeper in operation. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for the greenkeeper, who had a laugh about this, the sweepers clean the greens so fast that by the time I arrived there were no more cores to sweep.