Tokyo temperatures and growth potential, animated

I made a note a couple months ago to make animated charts showing the cool-season (C3) and warm-season (C4) turfgrass growth potential over a 100+ year period for Tokyo. I was interested to see what those charts would look like.

An important Conference takes place between Mr. Gulotti and Andrew McDaniel

Or at least they had a captivating discussion on The Talking Greenkeeper show. They talked about a lot of things: name dropping manga taking shoes off, or not doing things or applying products for a reason what it was like to work for Micah Woods what it’s like to now be assistant GM in addition to head greenkeeper baseball greenkeeping in Japan much more I hope you enjoy this episode of The Talking Greenkeeper as much as I did.

A golfers' paradise

From June of 1932, when he arrived in Tokyo, until the war between the United States and the Empire of Japan began in December 1941, Joseph Grew served as the United States Ambassador to Japan.

Flights and favorite turf photos of 2018

As I say at the end of every year, it was another extraordinary year for studying grass around the world. In 2018 I took 107 flights for a total distance of 314,748 km (195,575 miles).

Kurofune keeper

You may recall that I went shopping for golf magazines at 4 a.m. on August 23. What was that about? There was a feature article in that week’s new issue of Weekly Golf Digest about Andrew McDaniel.

Botanizing at Nippon Treasure Links

There are a couple amazing courses that you won’t find on the usual maps of golf clubs in Japan. Most golfers I talked with this year had no idea that there were courses there.

Catching up on my reading, heat stress edition

I’ve been writing a monthly column for Golf Course Seminar (ゴルフ場セミナー) since May of 2008. The articles are usually 2 pages. I wrote a couple 4 page articles when マイカの時間 The BOOK was published last year.

Shopping for magazines in 7-11 at 4 a.m.

On August 23 at 4 a.m., Andrew McDaniel and I walked into a 7-11 in Fukuoka to get the latest issue of Weekly Golf Digest. Golf magazines in Japan are pretty amazing to begin with.

After 17 inches of rain, how much K leached?

When I was at Keya GC last month for the Japan Amateur Championship, it rained a lot. From June 29 to July 8, there was precipitation every day, and the total was 446 mm, or 17.

A pleasant day, with an unpleasant termination

Last week I spent a few days in Fukuoka. I was there for the 103rd Japan Amateur Golf Championship. On the the morning of July 5, I recorded a short iron shot landing on the 16th green at the host venue, Keya Golf Club.