The last year of DLI with weekly averages

A previous post showed photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) data in units of daily totals—the daily light integral (DLI). That post included a chart with a locally smoothed regression line through it.

Worldwide agroclimatology data, PAR, shade, and grass

I’ve been using the NASA POWER agroclimatology data for a few projects. I get the data using the convenient nasapower R package by Adam Sparks. There is also a web-based map data access viewer.

Ten posts no one read in 2019

The median blog post on this site in 2019 got 244 views. And there were a few up around 1,000 to 2,000 views. There were these top 10 that everyone read.

Ball bounce on greens after 7 days of rain

I’ve been at Keya Golf Club for the KBC Augusta tournament this week. Yesterday afternoon I watched some shots during the first practice round, and took a few videos of ball reaction on the greens.

Nitrogen, rain, and starting point estimates

Regular readers of this blog will be familar with some previous attempts to estimate the N mineralization in turfgrass soils. There was this from 2010, which I wrote about in 2015 saying “I wouldn’t explain it this way again.

Smith-Kerns and korai

Yesterday I saw some dollar spot on a korai (Zoysia matrella) fairway in Kyushu, Japan. I wondered what the Smith-Kerns model probability for dollar spot had been. So I looked up the recent temperature and humidity at a nearby weather station.

The probability of a dollar spot epidemic

I’ve written about reactive greenkeeping being at least a viable option, and have implied that it is preferable to proactive greenkeeping. With a little effort, one can get information (data) about the weather, the amount of water in the soil, the quantity of nutrients in the soil and the quantity of nutrients used by the grass, the growth rate of the grass, and so on.

Golf tournaments and weather: can you imagine?

At Real Club de Golf El Prat, host of the 2015 Spanish Open, 3,600 trees fell in a violent windstorm on 9 December 2014. The club has shared this video that shows the scale of the damage, and the impressive work that was done in the aftermath of the storm.