A global DLI app

I made a Global DLI app to generate summary charts of DLI for anywhere in the world. This app uses the nasapower R package to get satellite data from the NASA POWER Agroclimatology dataset.

Is it temperature or day length?

Andrew McDaniel asked me if day length or temperature has a bigger effect on zoysiagrass going into or coming out of dormancy. I hadn’t really thought about that before. When I did think about it, I realized I pretty much only think of temperature, but I wondered if living in a tropical location where the grass doesn’t go dormant might be blinding me to something that happens where day length varies.

Tokyo temperatures and growth potential, animated

I made a note a couple months ago to make animated charts showing the cool-season (C3) and warm-season (C4) turfgrass growth potential over a 100+ year period for Tokyo. I was interested to see what those charts would look like.

Four amazing charts: number 3 will shock you!

I’ve written before about the environmental productivity index (EPI), the growth potential, and nutrients. Park Nobel’s EPI “incorporates simultaneous effects of water, temperature, PAR [photosynthetically active radiation], and even nutrients” to predict the productivity, or the rate of generation of biomass.

Four reasons zoysia should be a poor choice for California

I’ve been asked about zoysia suitability for California, particularly northern parts of California, many times. Every time, I give the same answer. In such a relatively cool climate, and in such a relatively sunny and dry climate, Cynodon seems like a much better choice.

High resolution DLI maps of the United States

James Faust and Joanne Logan wrote a review of daily light integral (DLI) in the September issue of HortScience. They have also prepared high resolution maps of the United States. If you click on a location on the map, a table and chart will display with the average annual and monthly DLI.

Managing turfgrass diseases in Asia with minimal input

These are my slides for today’s presentation in the “Precision Turf and Ornamental Disease Management in the 21st Century” session at the International Congress of Plant Pathology in Boston. The abstract for my presentation is here.

Temperature and zoysia

A few years ago, someone contacted me about the use of zoysia in the Napa Valley. After describing places where he had seen zoysia—Austin, Tokyo—and been impressed with it, he asked what I thought about it in Napa.

Three recent conversations

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When does it usually rain in Bangkok?

I was wondering when it usually rains in Bangkok. The climatological normals for Bangkok show that there is a six month dry season from November to April, in which the average precipitation in each month is less than 100 mm (4 inches).