What you answered about MLSN

In the 14th MLSN newsletter, I asked what would you like to see, hear, learn, or know about MLSN? I summarized the results of that survey in the chart above.

I was pleased to see the interest in tutorials and case studies. If you have used MLSN and would like to make a new tutorial or case study, there are a lot of people who would be interested to read or watch or listen to what you produce. Here are four examples of the type of material that I’m thinking of.

  • Joe Gulotti’s MLSN implementation not only explains MLSN and the awesome results, but it works through the math too (and saves $26,447.37 in fertilizer cost!). This a what you could call a cult classic in the MLSN literature.

  • PACE Turf’s climate appraisal forms do all the math for you. All you have to do is input some site-specific data and the spreadsheets make the calculations.

  • Brad Revill’s series of posts about MLSN explaining how it works in a full tropical climate where the grass uses a lot of nutrients because of high temperatures and year-round growth.

  • MLSN MATH Step by Step by Jason Haines. Also a cult classic.

There are a lot of people around the world who are using MLSN and understand how it works and the results they can achieve with it. I was going to send out a request for volunteers who wanted to prepare case studies or tutorials, and then had the idea that it may be more fun, and easier, to make a Discord channel where we could discuss MLSN and related turfgrass topics. If you’d like to ask questions about MLSN, or share some of your knowledge, or see what others are talking about, here’s an invite to the atc-turf Discord.

Only 28% of respondents wanted to know more about MLSN and fertilizer cost. I’m not sure if the limited interest in that topic is because:

  1. everyone already knows that MLSN has the potential to reduce costs with no decline in turf performance or

  2. most people aren’t concerned about fertilizer cost

Everyone enjoys having great turf conditions, and that’s one result of MLSN. Those conditions are also expected. There’s not too much joy when achieving the expected. But I will say there’s been a lot of joy in conversations I’ve had with people around the world as they explain to me just how much money they have been able to save after implementing MLSN, and then have been able to allocate those funds to more essential uses. This is a topic I’d like to explore further. I assume the answer is 1, everyone knows the savings they can get. And if the answer is 2, I don’t understand that.

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