Hitting all of our goals

This is an extraordinarily good video about grasses, mowing, construction, irrigation, soils, playability, maintenance cost, and more. If you are interested in these topics, watch this interview with Don Mahaffey.

Relationship between soil water content and turfgrass surface hardness

There was a discussion on Twitter about soil moisture and surface hardness. I use the terms surface hardness and surface firmness interchangeably, but I usually prefer surface hardness. @scotdey @MinikahdaTurf @DVturf @prov1xdtp @LongAleBrew Have you read this report from @asianturfgrass http://t.

Sand, sodium, and soil structure

Sand rootzones are common the world over for golf course putting greens. Many athletic fields are also built with a sand rootzone, and in Asia, many of the tees, fairways, and even roughs are grown in a sand rootzone.