Turf Twitter

An analysis of turfgrass industry Twitter accounts in 2020

I’ve repeated an analysis of tweets and accounts from another year in the turf industry. Last week I shared some overall results and category-specific rankings. I've repeated the #TurfTwitter analysis for 2020 and put the results in a searchable and sortable Shiny app.

Ranking Turf Twitter in 2019

I recently completed an analysis of Turf Twitter in 2019, with the searchable results in this Shiny app. Based on the number of followers, mentions of the account, the favorites and retweets and quotes of that accounts' tweets, and the number of tweets sent from the account, these are the top 50 “influential” accounts for 2019:

More followers as a superintendent?

Jason Haines (@PenderSuper) passed 4,000 Twitter followers last week. In the turfgrass industry, that’s a lot. But wouldn’t it be nice to have more? He asked if I had any suggestions: