Grass on the Kumamoto City Tram lines

I went for a walk in Kumamoto yesterday morning to take a few photos of the grass on the Kumamoto City Tram. This page shows how the grass sections are installed.

Here are a few photos. The grass was looking the best I have ever seen it. I expect that’s because of frequent rains over the past few months.

After I shared a few of these photos on Twitter, I was asked how the grass was mowed. And a couple people sent videos that showed the impressive mowing machine used in Kagoshima.

I don’t know if this same type of machine is used to care for the grass on the Kumamoto City Tram system.

This blog post suggests the mower in Kagoshima cost about 40,000,000 JPY (~ USD 375,000).

I enjoy driving or walking or riding in the city and seeing all the grass in the streets.

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