2 green system

The two green system usually means there are two bentgrass greens per hole

The idea that golf courses in Japan with the two green system have a summer green and a winter green is not quite correct. Nor is the two green system used exclusively with one warm-season grass green and one with cool-season grass.

Grass species and the 2 green system

Abiko Golf Club won GOLF Magazine’s Best International Renovation of 2013 award. In the article about the work, I read that Brian Silva, with co-designer Kye Goalby, “transitioned the old Japanese two-green system – one bentgrass, the other local korai grass – down to one.

Golf in Japan, Mt. Fuji, and the two green system

On an early spring day I visited a golf course with a great view of Mt. Fuji. This will be a stunning view when the cherry trees are in full bloom.

Not the usual everyday maintenance

This isn’t the usual everyday maintenance, unless one is in Japan, in which case these things are routine. On an early autumn visit to Ryugasaki Country Club, I had a chance to observe some of the maintenance work, and I thought it would be interesting to share a few things I saw that are common on Japanese golf courses and less common elsewhere.

Why are there tee markers in the middle of the fairway?

There are four interesting things I would like to point out in this short video from a par 5 hole on a golf course in Central Japan. 1. The cart has no driver.

Remote controlled golf carts, large patch, and the two green system in Japan

Some of the issues related to golf course maintenance and the Japanese golf industry are so interesting, and so challenging, that a few updates about course maintenance here will surely be interesting.

The two green system on Japanese golf courses

The two green system on a par 4 hole in Tochigi prefecture, Japan. On a July day in 2011, I visited four eighteen hole golf courses around the Tokyo area.

Asian Amateur Championship at Kasumigaseki Country Club

The first time I visited Kasumigaseki Country Club was in 2010 for the Asian Amateur Championship.1 This is the most-televised amateur golf tournament in the world, with coverage in over 150 countries, and Kasumigaseki Country Club near Tokyo was in excellent condition that week for the championship.