Bermudagrass stolons and zoysiagrass rhizomes

One of the things I’ve noticed when growing grasses in pots is the striking difference between aboveground stolons produced by bermudagrass, and underground rhizomes produced by zoysiagrass. These grasses were grown in pots and fertilized with N, P, and K.

Bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, and water use

I was talking with a golf course designer recently, and he mentioned that “zoysia starts to look pretty attractive because of its lower water use.” That led to a long conversation about how incorrect that statement is.

Turf performance and the lifespan of individual grass leaves

This photo was taken 174 days after the ‘Tifeagle’ bermudagrass and ‘Wana’ manilagrass were planted as 3 cm diameter plugs on 1 October 2019. These particular pots have been fertilized with nitrogen only since then, with no P or K.

Big differences between species

Yesterday I took a walk around a golf course in Chonburi, Thailand. It is three months into the dry season at this location; there has been negligible rainfall in Chonburi since the start of November.

Presentation videos from the 2017 ASHS conference

I received this note from the ASHS last week: Conference Recordings are now available All sessions that were audio recorded during the conference are now available for listening.

The growth, nutrient use, and water use of 3 grasses in central Thailand

There are a variety of grasses used for lawns and sports turf in central Thailand. I gave a presentation last week at the American Society for Horticultural Science annual meeting about the growth of three of those grasses:

A DLI Index

I’ve shown the sum of the mean daily temperature over 2014 for four locations: Fukuoka and Tokyo in Japan, Holly Springs in Mississippi, and Watkinsville in Georgia. Fukuoka had the highest accumulated temperature, then Tokyo, then Watkinsville, and the coolest of those four locations was Holly Springs.

Silica and Green Speed

This is something that has never made sense to me. Actually, it seems ridiculous. Zoysia greens are not renowned for being especially fast. But zoysia has especially high silica content in the leaves.