When grass grows more, it makes more roots

When I saw how these grasses were growing at #ATC南店, I jotted down a couple notes for a future blog post—this one. when grass grows more, it makes more roots

The top 10 posts from the old blog

Remember the Viridescent blog, with its 841 posts made from 1 January 2009 until I switched to this new site in 2017? I’ve summarized the top posts on that site by year, here, and today I checked the most viewed posts of all time.

Of turf, roots, and fertilizer

I’d like to make three points. 1- Surfaces can be great, and the roots can be negligible. If the objective of greenkeeping work is to produce the desired surface, then one only needs enough growth to produce that surface.

Roots, growth potential, and fertilizer

Bhupendra Singh posted a photo on Instagram with this caption: Growing roots! Tifdwarf at Peacock Course Greens, Delhi Golf Club I wondered how the grass had been managed for the past six months.