"After a pimento cheese sandwich and a Masters club ..."

I enjoyed the article about growing degree days in the Australian Turfgrass Management Journal. Dan Cook wrote about our discussions of this and how it has been implemented at Elanora Country Club.

The full article is at the link above. Here are a few excerpts:

“This was a quite simple way to schedule the application of Primo Maxx and I soon adopted this method … This proved to be a much more reliable method for scheduling application and having the desired results in controlling clipping yield to maximise the putting greens performance … we also collect clippings to gain a better understanding of daily yield and track this yield, measuring them in liters … it has definitely improved the surfaces of the greens at Elanora.”

I’m looking forward to more interesting conversations with Dan this year. Sure to be discussed – how cool season grasses grow (or die) when there are extremely high temperatures. There is a trend of more hot days each summer in Sydney. Producing turf surfaces that can withstand that is a fascinating challenge.

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