"Never has a sport needed to adapt more"

In the latest World Golf Report, I came across a link to Giles Morgan’s post on Sport – it’s all about Darwinning. This was a broad discussion of sports thriving – or not. Morgan had this to say about golf:

“For 12 years in my former role at HSBC, I had a fair amount of dealing with the game of golf globally. Never has a sport needed to adapt more. And now. Not because there is anything fundamentally wrong with the rules of the game – because the handicap system is a work of genius and men and women, old and young can all play with parity. But adapt it must because it is losing relevance with new audiences and looking increasingly out of touch with what society wants and expects. Not only are people time poor, but they expect an environment of equality in all walks of life. Coupled with the fact we exist on a planet whose temperature control panel seems to have broken – there is an urgent need for courses to reduce in size and be less detrimental to the planet’s resources. There is real work to do.”

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