This is one more post the financial controllers might not want to see

When I received an e-mail from Tom Sedlmeier a couple months ago, I was reminded of this update on the Sports Turf Solutions Facebook page in 2012:

I just read a blog that puts every Turf Managers [sic] budget under scrutiny. Lets [sic] hope the financial controllers at each club dont [sic] read it.

This post is along the same lines, so financial controllers should probably stop reading right here. Although surprisingly in the note from Tom, he did mention that the savings he has made were “greatly appreciated by the management.”

Here’s Tom, with emphasis mine:

Hi Micah, We haven’t had any contact yet, so I’d like to introduce myself a bit first. I’m the Superintendent here at Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort in Morocco, working for Troon … I was starting a lot of research in the internet last April when I first read about MLSN. I was very fascinated about the approach and modified immediately my plans for this year. And what should I say… I had a great summer this year with less growth, less clippings, less mowing, less fertilizer, less diseases and a beautiful looking golf course in great condition … So all in all I had savings of about $150k this year, what was greatly appreciated by the management ;-). So I’m convinced by MLSN and GP…

I love to hear about those kind of excellent results, and I’m glad Tom was able to achieve them and then share them. As I mentioned in the recent Campus del Césped webinar, the MLSN approach is designed first to ensure the grass is supplied with 100% of what the grass can use. And as an accidental result, one can end up applying less fertilizers if one actually works through the calculations to find out how much the grass really needs.

Heck, you might even share this with your financial controller.

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