Cranking up the volume

This article by Chris Tritabaugh explains everything about clipping volume

There is a comprehensive explanation of clipping volume in Golf Course Management. I knew this would be good, because Chris Tritabaugh is an accomplished writer. His years of experience using and thinking about ClipVol show in the article. He explains how he uses it, what he learns from it, and in a creative twist, answers a number of questions from turf managers.

Collecting data only makes sense if those data can be used as a decision making tool. His answer to a question about what he does with the ClipVol numbers is an example of how many decisions can be influenced by ClipVol.

Clipping volume informs my short- and long-term decisions like this:

  • Today: Are all the mowers performing properly? Did we have an operator with his hands in the wrong position?
  • Tomorrow: Do we mow or not mow?
  • Next week: How much nitrogen do we apply, and what should our PGR rates be?
  • Next month and next year: Are we matching our performance from the past, or is an adjustment we made having the desired impact?

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