Flipping things around

Instead of looking at how much the grass is growing, think of how much N it takes to produce that amount of growth

One can look at the growth of the grass, as approximated by the clipping volume, in a couple of ways. There’s the quantity of clippings – here’s how much the grass is growing. I think that’s the typical way to look at it.

pg mowing Keya GC

But I find it useful sometimes to flip things around, and think about what produced that growth. Let’s say for a particular turf area, for an upcoming event, I want to have a clipping volume of about 1.5 L/100 m2/day. Let’s say that’s the amount of clippings I want to produce for a monthlong duration. That’ll be about 45 L/100 m2/month.

How much nitrogen (N) will it take to produce that much growth?

2 green mowing Keya GC

For creeping bentgrass, I expect that will be just over 1 g N/m2. To get that much growth on korai (all the pictures in this post are korai), I expect the grass will use about 1.5 g N/m2.

5 green Keya GC

By knowing how much growth one wants, and about how much N it takes to produce that much growth, one can be a little more precise with the turf management.

clip vol joyplot Keya Aug 2017