The new MLSN movie trailer

This email arrived in September.

Hello Dr. Woods,

Just a quick introduction: I’m Niels Dokkuma, working for the golf federation in The Netherlands in the field of sustainability. … I was wondering if you would be available for a long-distance internet or pre-recorded presentation on MLSN fertilisation guidelines for Wednesday November 28 during our annual TURF (Turfgrass University Research Foundation Knowledge-day for practicioners (headgreenkeepers).

From that came the idea to make a movie about MLSN.

Is it a documentary? A tutorial? A comedy? You can watch and judge for yourself.

The trailer is here, and you can watch the full 44 minute film at the premiere in The Netherlands on November 28, or on a screen near you after the worldwide release on November 29.

Thank you to Larry Stowell, Sue Crawford, Bjarni Hannesson, and Andrew McDaniel for speaking with me as part of this video.

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