Four reasons zoysia should be a poor choice for California

I’ve been asked about zoysia suitability for California, particularly northern parts of California, many times. Every time, I give the same answer. In such a relatively cool climate, and in such a relatively sunny and dry climate, Cynodon seems like a much better choice.

Flights and favorite turf photos of 2017

As I say at the end of every year, it has been another extraordinary year for studying grass around the world. See these links for some of my favorite photos (and flight maps) from 2015 and 2016.

Year to date rain, and bermudagrass quality

Yesterday I wrote that bermudagrass fairways in Thailand wouldn’t be as good as they are in the Algarve because of climate differences. The cumulative rain so far this year makes a nice illustration of this.

Turf around the world, with a couple maps

When I led a seminar in Idaho last month about Turf Around the World, I wanted to show a map of the flights I’d taken this year. I didn’t have a map to show then, however, because of some software problems.

Presentation videos from the 2017 ASHS conference

I received this note from the ASHS last week: Conference Recordings are now available All sessions that were audio recorded during the conference are now available for listening.

The growth, nutrient use, and water use of 3 grasses in central Thailand

There are a variety of grasses used for lawns and sports turf in central Thailand. I gave a presentation last week at the American Society for Horticultural Science annual meeting about the growth of three of those grasses:

How to lose 120 million yen with frost delays

I’m bombarded at this time of year with reminders, notices, descriptions, and articles telling me about the importance of frost delays. Apparently, frost delays are essential for the health of the turf.

Dog’s footprint and grass susceptibility to this disease

I don’t like turf diseases. If there is any fun in them, for me, it lies in only two things. First, is it a particularly well-named disease? Second, how awful are the symptoms?

Bangkok is a long way from Knoxville

When Eric Reasor flew from Tennessee to Thailand, he brought along measuring tools to assess how golf balls roll across putting greens. He visited 22 golf courses in 5 days.

Is it normal to be cloudy like this?

On 17 July 2016, I was in the Tokyo area with Jim Brosnan. The daily light integral (DLI) in Tokyo that day was 14.2 mol/m2. Jim asked me if it was exceptionally cloudy that day.