Webinar recording: critical maintenance this year

The video of my seminar for Campus del Césped is now available. You can watch it with audio in English or in Spanish. It goes by fast with the playback speed set at 1.5 or 1.75.

I talked about how I would manage grass in 2020. It turns out to be a lot of the things I usually talk about: growing the grass at just the right rate, supplying the amount of water and nutrients necessary to produce that rate, and managing grass by reacting to existing circumstances. I also made some calculations of expected nutrient use, and the cost for those nutrients.

Pro tip: you’ll have amazing turf conditions for less than €250/ha/year—that’s about $120/acre/year—with urea and DAP and KCl.

If you’d like to download the slides, they are also available in English and Spanish.

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