A non-comprehensive list of awesome turfgrass things other people did in 2020

Here’s a non-comprehensive list for this year. It’s been awesome that turfgrass managers all over the world have found ways to continue to produce excellent turf conditions in a particularly difficult year.

Of course I have missed or forgotten many others. Please comment, share, and reply about additional ones.

Update: I added a couple more to this list—I really enjoyed the great photos shared by Jonathan Wood and Christopher Chase.

  • Jim Brosnan wrote about Poa annua and some of the exciting work he and graduate students in his lab are doing. It’s Poa365 in his lab, and that post explains why.

  • Grad students do much of the important and interesting turfgrass research, and Paige Boyle is especially good at sharing what she and others are doing.

  • I also enjoyed the progress of Tyler Carr’s zoysiagrass grow-in. Maybe time for a year-end update?

  • Sami Strutt did an excellent job putting together BIGGA’s National Regional Conference—I know from having participated in that. I know for other conferences, and other virtual events put on this year or planned for next year, there has been a lot of excellent work done by many people. I certainly appreciate that when I get to see and learn from wherever I happen to be.

  • And to circle back to the online field days, I recently watched the Michigan State University one, and there is a great segment about MLSN & SLAN research by Jackie Guevara.

  • Jon Scott is back on Twitter. He’s reliably positive and wise, and I’m glad when someone with so much turfgrass knowledge can contribute.

This list is inspired by Jeff Leek’s non-comprehensive awesome lists from Simply Statistics.

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