What's the best way to keep up with all you're doing?

Someone asked me that question while we were working at a golf tournament. The best way depends on just how much info you want, or how often you want to hear from me/ATC. Here are ten ways, listed in decreasing order of update frequency (approximate).

  1. The @asianturfgrass account on Twitter will have links to all my new blog posts, reshares of some old topical ones, and some retweets and other turf discussion.

  2. The Asian Turfgrass Center website has hundreds of posts about turfgrass info and ideas of all types. New information goes up, on average, about 75 times a year.

  3. You can automatically get an email with the text of each new website update with the ATC blog by email newsletter.

  4. The About section on the website has links for all of ATC’s social media accounts.

  5. There are turfgrass videos on the ATC YouTube Channel.

  6. You can listen to podcasts: The ATC Doublecut with Micah Woods and to ATC Office Hours.

  7. The ATC updates newsletter is sent out by email a few times a year, with a summary of the most interesting things I’ve been working on, or that I’ve read, seen, or written.

  8. There is also a MLSN newsletter that I keep focused on one topic — the MLSN soil nutrient guidelines.

  9. Books. I’ve got four books available now and am always working on getting more.

  10. Have you ever checked out Google Scholar? That link has a lot of technical articles I’ve written or co-authored. And there are even more—209 to be exact, as of today—at the Turfgrass Information File.

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