Ten posts no one read in 2020

Image montage from posts on this list.

I’m never quite sure what topics people will read. Sometimes topics that I think people will read end up with few pageviews. That’s often because the topic is not very interesting.

But the views are also affected by the time I published the post, or because of what was going on in the world at the time. If you missed any of these the first time around, I’m giving them another chance here.

The median blog post on this site in 2020 got 245 views.1 And there were two with over 1,000 views — the organic matter bullet list post alone got more than 2,500 views in 2020.

Histogram of page views in 2020 for the 88 new posts on the ATC website that year.
Histogram of page views in 2020 for the 88 new posts on the ATC website that year.

There were these top 10 that everyone read.

And then there were these bottom 10 that almost no one read. These ones ranged from 66 to 129 views. To put that in context, for all of 2020 there were 65,626 pageviews across the entire site.

[10 – tie] Fun on my front steps is about how fast manilagrass establishes with and without fertilizer.

[10 – tie] To walk or to ride, a difficult decision is a travel narrative with some grass and food and zoysia greens and hickory clubs and all-terrain vehicles. This is an archetypical turf tourism post, and I often expect these to be of more general interest than they turn out to be. For example, I was fascinated by the story of pre-war Japan being a golfers’ paradise, but that type of non-technical post doesn’t get many views.

[9] The BIGGA National Regional Conference in November announces my “Still Learning” film.

[8] Turfgrass soil sampling, part 5 of 7 has the survey results about how people are collecting soil samples for nutrient analyses. Did you know the standard recommendation is for 12 or more subsamples from an area, composited?

[7] Catching up with my reading also has a link to my presentation about a continual improvement system for turfgrass.

[6] The Flying Blind trailer: 8 things to know, measure, and adjust was a funny trailer. I’m glad a lot more people watched the movie!

[5] Temperature-based turfgrass growth potential (GP) in April and November was a post that I expected to get more views considering it is related to the Masters Tournament.

[4] Radish seedlings on a bentgrass nursery after fumigation shows something I’d never seen before.

[3] The last year of DLI with weekly averages is on a topic that I get a lot of questions about, and this post provides a link to a data source for obtaining this information for any day at any location in the world.

[2] Total organic matter at the surface of warm-season grass putting greens is on the same topic as the most viewed post of the year, so I was surprised this one got so few views.

[1] Eleven years of website visits by device type is one I’ve been doing for personal interest since 2015 and I expect it to finish among the least viewed posts each year.

  1. That’s almost identical to 2019, when the median post got 244 views. ↩︎

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